Roseanne Is Probably Joking About Getting Her Vagina Reconstructed

You may have seen this clip referenced over at a certain brother site of ours but you probably didn't click because the editor warned you that it would make you grody vomit. Incidentally, I too am about to go vomit, but that is entirely unrelated to Roseanne, who made a funny joke on Craig Ferguson's show last night and once said self-esteem was the "goddamn root of all evil", and perhaps it is also the root of all mediocrity, because someone who hated himself would probably not have the gall to demean a far superior wit on the basis of her being "fugly"; no, someone who hated him or herself would just say: "Hey! Look here! Watch Roseanne talk about vaginas while I excuse myself for yet another remedial class in 'That Beer-Before-Liquor Maxim, Learned The Hard Way.'"

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westvillagegirl (now available in Brooklyn)

I still can't understand why everyone got so pissed off about her rendition of the anthem. I mean, I think it was very funny commentary about baseball and our country in general.