Rose Petal Cottage: Where You Can Literally Place Little Girls Into A Box

Today's Broadsheet column in Salon alerted us to the existence of Playskool's new Rose Petal Cottage. It's not like we're against cooking and doing the laundry (although we don't engage in the latter nearly as often as we should) or shit that's girlie and pink. But we find ourselves really fucking annoyed/creeped out by this toy, which is part of Playskool's Dreamtown collection. The playhouse — which can be filled with a sink, an oven, a laundry machine, a cradle — is aimed at little girls with the tag line, "Where dreams have room to grow." (The clip above incorporates two commercials, one for little girls, and one for their moms.) All we're saying is that there could be a little more balance among the choices Dreamtown offers little girls, so that it accurately reflects life as a woman. After all, when these kids grow up, they're going to realize that cooking and cleaning aren't so much dreams as nightmares.

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