Rose McGowan & Robert Rodriguez: Splitsville

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  • Whoa. Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowan are dunzo. She was supposed to star in his remake of Barbarella, but studio moguls wanted "a bigger star, a bigger name." Now the flick might have - wait for it - Jessica Alba as the lead. What a fucking mess. But yeah, the whole leaving your wife for the chick in your movie thing is always bad news bears. [Page Six]
  • Yo! Daniel Craig lovers! The new bond trailer is online! (Why yes, he is shirtless for a split second!) [BBC News]
  • Jennifer Aniston and the gang are reuniting for a film version of Friends. Why, Zeus, why??? [Daily Mail]
  • A source says Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees has been hanging out at Madonna's apartment a lot lately. He's been leaving as late as midnight. They work out at the same gym, have the same agent and her kids like the Yankees. But! Madge's spokesperson says there is no truth to the rumored affair. [NY Post]
  • Plus, Madonna's spokesperson says: "There are no divorce plans." [Reuters]
  • The spokesperson, Liz Rosenberg, Madonna's PR flack, swears that her Madgesty and Guy Ritchie are not getting divorced. TMZ points out that she is the same woman who, in 2006, said, "Madonna has not adopted a baby, despite reports that she has." [TMZ]
  • Madonna and Guy walked into a New York City restaurant last night, holding hands. Then they had dinner together. So clearly, everything is fine. [People]
  • A smiley, happy slideshow of photos of Madonna and Guy through the years shows that he never wears a wedding ring. [TMZ]
  • Angelina Jolie is in the hospital but "there's no urgency." She's resting and whatnot. Twins, people. Twins. [People]
  • Her hospital check-in was "planned" and Angie is "doing great." [Reuters]
  • Angelina's obstetrician will make a statement this afternoon. What will it be??? [AP]
  • And yeah. Angie may have fibbed about her due date. [Fox News]
  • BREAKING NEWS: Shannen Doherty is in talks to reprise her role as Brenda on the new 90210. Holy uckfay. [Perez Hilton]
  • Christie Brinkley's divorce trial begins today and it's hard to muster the energy to care. It sucks that some dude cheated on a supermodel with a 18-year-old assistant but: Yawn. [AP]
  • Daniel Radcliffe says of the new Harry Potter movie: "There is a fair amount of sexual energy and there are some drug parallels. We have a couple of what David Yates, the director calls our 'Trainspotting moments'." [Mirror]
  • This headline: "Pharrell Williams To Grow New Skin In A Test Tube To Make Room For New Tattoos" says it all. [Mirror]
  • Sienna Miller: Seen in Prague hugging married man Balthazar Getty and yes, there are pictures. [Daily Mail]
  • Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong had a beachside lunch with Kate's mom Goldie Hawn, aww. [People]
  • Boy George was forced to cancel his US tour due to visa denial. He's all, "Do you really want to hurt me?" And the authorities are like, "Yes." [USA Today]
  • Colin Farrell has a new dame, novelist Emma Forrest. They've been together six months (???) but made their first public appearance in Hollywood last night. [The Sun]
  • Meryl Streep is psyched about her Mamma Mia! movie: "It's a requirement of popular culture that you strike an ironic distance. This doesn't. It's a film about women and their whole experiences being hopeful and youthful and older and suffering the regrets that you have over a long life. It's visceral and I love that." She also says: "Women's real change in our society has been disruptive, but feels evolutionarily necessary. So now 60% of the kids in college are women. More than 50% of medical students are women. They're not at the top in government and business, but there is real change and I think that has terrified everybody. It's terrified men and it's terrified women." As a result, she thinks, "women have performed a compensatory step back". Streep starts imagining out loud what the women who have made that step back tell themselves. "'I won't be sexy if I'm this - even though I want to be paid an equal amount, I still want to appear sexy, I still want to appear fragile, so I'll lose weight.' That's my theory about what women are doing anyway." There's so much more, you should read the whole interview. [Guardian]
  • Chris Martin thought he might be gay, then he discovered he loves breasts. [The Sun]
  • The heirs of J.R.R. Tolkien have not received any money from the Lord Of The Rings movies, even though the studios grossed around $3 billion at the box office and $3 billion in DVDs and merch, wow. Wow. [LA Times]
  • Donna Summer is making a "comeback." She has always written her own songs and her new album is no different. She didn't want to end up a "desperate housewife" so she decided to "go for it." And she doesn't plan to quit: "Ella Fitzgerald sang throughout her whole life. I have no intention of stopping." [Independent]
  • Derek Jeter may or may not know what "prowess" means, but he likes the way it sounds when applied to his love life. [Page Six]
  • Unlike Carrie Bradshaw, Candace Bushnell still smokes. [Page Six]
  • Alec Baldwin vs. NYC carriage horses: A shitty battle. [Page Six]
  • Will Princes Harry and William appear in a movie about "the glamorous international polo circuit"? [Page Six]
  • "As a woman, if you're outspoken and you know what you want, you're a bitch. And if you don't know what you want, you're a ditz." - Kimora Lee Simmons to Giant magazine. [Page Six]
  • Here's something you didn't want to know: Director Brett Ratner bought five copies of The Big Penis Book. [Page Six]
  • That Russian male model, Andre Birleanu, from America's Most Smartest Model, who was arrested twice and charged with harassment and sexual abuse? Looks like his cases will be dismissed. [Page Six]
  • Anne Hathaway's family tried to warn her about her con man ex-boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri. And did she know that shit was about to go down? She left the country right before the Feds arrested him. [Rush & Molloy]
  • Tom Hanks vs. Jack Nicholson; SAG vs. AFTRA. [Rush & Molloy]
  • LeRoi Moore, the sax player in Dave Matthews Band, has been seriously injured in an ATV accident. [TMZ]
  • Tony Hawk and wife Lhotse welcomed their first child, a daughter named Kadence Clover Hawk. (Tony has three sons from a previous relationship.) [People]
  • Will Audrina be topless in her new movie? Do you care? [Egotastic]
  • Eddie Murphy might retire. I wish he'd quit before he made Meet Dave. [ONTD]
  • Josh Hartnett will star in a stage adaptation of Rain Man - as the Tom Cruise character, not the Dustin Hoffman autistic savant. [UPI]
  • McDonald's has a Devo-looking Happy Meal toy, and Devo is pissed. [UPI]
  • Justin Timberlake is afraid of his momma. Justin says she's like, "'Answer me when I ask you a question!' and then I'd start to answer and she'd go, 'Shut up when I'm talking.'" [MSNBC]
  • Is Shia LaBeouf dating Ginny Weasley? He's 22 and she's 17, btw. [ONTD]
  • Lindsay Lohan and Lily Allen: Recording a duet! [OK!, via ONTD]
  • Alleged illegitimate Lohan sister Ashley Kaufman wants a record deal. Of course. But! An "insider" says: "Ashley has more talent than Lindsay or Ali." [MSNBC]
  • Today is Lindsay Lohan's birthday. What do you think she's getting from Sam? [PopSugar]

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Meryl Streep: you are trying to speak profoundly about a film based on the music of ABBA. Please stop. I love you too much for you to go on.

Also, the heirs of JRR Tolkein: you have tried to pervert your fathers creation for years, what with all your prequels and "Oh yeah, this is what my dad MEANT to do" blah blah blah. Someone came along who loved AND respected his work and did something amazing with it. Piss off. You had nothing to do with the creation, you get jack.