Rose McGowan: Designer Bag Or Yoga Mat?

Illustration for article titled Rose McGowan: Designer Bag Or Yoga Mat?

[Los Angeles, April 8. Image via Flynet]


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HA! From afar, I was sure it was yoga mat. When I clicked, it was clearly a bag.

You know, this reminds me of a question my ex bf asked me yesterday. While I was trying to explain to him why Kelly Cutrone rocks, and why she's going to make The Hills that much better (fyi — the ex and I are besties, and we work together in an office, so basically we're paid to hang out 8 hours a day), he asked me "So, wait, is The Hills a reality show?" It caught me off guard and after a moment of thought I replied, "Well, yeah, but only as 'real' as L.A., you know?"

I think this bag is like the handbag/clothing product personification of that statement.