Ron Paul Generously Offers Victims of 'Honest Rape' the Right to Abortion

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Great news, rape victims! Ron Paul is willing to make an exception in his strict "no abortions ever!" rule for you, but only if you have one of those "honest rapes." In fact, he's got some great ideas on how rape victims should behave.

In an interview with CNN's Piers Morgan, the journalist asked the Presidential candidate what he would do in the "very unlikely" event that one of Paul's granddaughters were raped. (Aside: it's not really that "very unlikely" that a woman would get raped at all. Actually it's about a 20% chance that one of his multiple granddaughters will someday be the victim of a rape. But, you know, let's keep beating that drum that rape rarely happens, because it's easier to feel less bad about the state of the world that way.)

Paul, ever the benevolent, empathetic grandpa, replied, "If it's an honest rape, that individual should go immediately to the emergency room, I would give them a shot of estrogen."


Will Ron Paul himself be waiting vigilantly in every American ER, syringe of estrogen at the ready, ready to provide anti-pregnancy treatment for rape victims who are behaving properly? He doesn't say.

Instead, he continues, noting that while the victim of an "honest rape" can take the morning after pill this one time, a different set of standards should apply to a woman who was raped and just moseys on into the doctor's office 7 months later to have one of those spontaneous late term "just-for-funsies" abortions women are so fond of having nowadays.

Morgan presses, asking Paul if, in his view, interfering with the implantation of an egg possibly fertilized by rape would be tantamount to taking a life. The candidate says that it could be taking a life, but since they don't know for sure whether or not the egg was fertilized, it's technically okay to try to interfere with the egg's implantation.


Then Paul went on a strawman building spree, implying that abortion fans or whatever people who don't think rape victims should be forced to be pregnant are being called nowadays think that abortion should be legal up to the very moment before a baby is born. Because a 39 week old baby is exactly the same as a fertilized egg.

Abortion is legal to the point of viability unless there are extreme extenuating circumstances (like, someone is going to die extreme). Viability occurs at about week 24.5, and a woman who has been pregnant for 7 months has been pregnant for more than 24.5 weeks, which means his bold assertion is kind of empty-talk. But again. Facts have no place in the abortion debate.


It's nice to know that in the very, very, very unlikely event that Ron Paul is ever the President, he'll be there to stand up for your pregnancy's right to continue. Whether you like it or not.

Ron Paul tells Piers Morgan that only 'honest rape' merits abortion [Raw Story]

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Has anyone ever met a female Ron Paul fanatic? It seems like only 16-28 year old frat boy dudes support this joke. Everyone else that I've met can see through his fake "libertarian" stance; if he was really a libertarian he would be all for abortion rights. Ugh.