Romantic Getaways Are Not Always Sunshine And Lollies

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I have a confession to make: I hate traveling. It's one of those things that everyone supposedly "loves" and you're some sort of social freak misfit if you don't like it. I'm often asked to explain myself regarding my travelphobia. I hate flying. I hate the stale air of airports. I hate the bowel disorientation, and the jet lag and the logistical nightmares that are an accepted part of journeying. Once I'm at my intended location, I usually have a reasonable, if not fantastic time, but I find the traveling part so miserable (and expensive!) that it often seems not worth it. And when my dude is along for the ride? That's just someone else to bother with my extensive travel anxiety.Apparently we're not the only couple who squabble while on (or en route to) vacation, but the reasons discussed in this IHT article about vacations stressing relationships seem more problematic than "planes make me want to die." "Periods of unstructured time - the break from routine - can play havoc with relationships," Roger Collis writes in the IHT. "If you are used to having time apart, being together all day, every day, for several days can send the best relationship into an acrimonious tailspin." Basically, some couples have structured their daily lives around spending time apart, and sometimes, when they are forced together for extended periods of time, they realize they have nothing in common. D'oh! Collis gives some suggestions for keeping the peace while on holiday — Agree on things beforehand! Try something different! — but mostly you're just supposed to "expect the unexpected, and for things to go wrong." And when things do go wrong, at least it makes for a good anecdote. Like the time the dude and I went for a romantic weekend in Newport, Rhode Island…which was romantic until he got the flu and was delirious in bed and I was in the hallway yelling at the drunken sailors who were having a semi-formal in the hotel ballroom and decided to run through the hotel screaming at 2 am. Romantical! Honey, Did You Pack The Divorce Papers? [IHT] Earlier: How Do You Break The Poop Ice With A New Paramour?


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@Alipaps: I am so sorry. That was wrong of me to share that. To get your mind off that "thing" we were discussing, I'll recount the time my husband and I took a loooong road trip that resulted in such boredom that while I was driving, he started rummaging through my purse just for something to do. He found a little tape measure and measured the circumfrence of his thigh. Then, he leaned over and started to put the tape measure around my thigh. It was like lighting off a summer's worth of firecrackers in a single moment. Not only did I scream and yell, I cried and cried. Suffice it to say, it was towards the end of the trip and I was really tired because he'd received THREE speeding tickets during the course of the trip so I had to drive the last 700 miles home all on my own!