Romanian 'Model' With 20-Inch Waist A Fave of Pro-Ana Porn Site

After the Daily Mail ran a story about Ioana Spangenberg, an 84 lb. model with a 20-inch waist (which becomes even smaller when she wears her corset) I naturally watched a YouTube clip of her impossible Barbie-Doll-come-to-life proportions in motion and couldn't help but wonder, "What the fuck does she even model?" I mean, no designer's clothes would fit her figure. Then I discovered the website that released her video — (link NSFW) — and realized she doesn't need clothes. Because it's porn.

The site features women who are drastically underweight, with protruding bones and haunted faces, posing nude in a way that's supposed to suggest some kind of eroticism.

I've seen plenty of stomach-turning things on the internet that have haunted me, like a gif of a woman fucking a horse, a picture of anal prolapse, various Google image searches of skin ailments, and a video of a man killing himself at a televised press conference. But I've never seen anything like this pro-ana porn. I understand the whole "different strokes for different folks" thing that contributes to all kinds of albeit weird, but typically harmless kinks. However, it'd be difficult to argue that this content fits into that kind of category. For one thing, it is unique in that it fetishizes the physical manifestations of an illness. Secondly, there's an element to this that's not unlike snuff films in that we're viewing images of imminent death. And even if we aren't, it certainly feels that way. Anyway, what I'm saying is: I didn't need to see this shit on a Monday.


The human hourglass: The Romanian model who has just a 20-INCH waist [Daily Mail]

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