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Last week it was Polish 14-year-old who was caught in a choice battlefield, and now, news of a pregnant by rape 11-year-old Romanian girl has hit the international news wires. The legal time limit for abortions in Romania is 14 weeks, and because this girl is, you know, eleven, she didn't realize she was pregnant until her parents took her to the doctor because she was feeling sick, the Guardian reports. (At least that's better than Romania under Communist rule — as the drama 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days made disturbingly clear — abortion was completely illegal back then.) Oh, and if this story couldn't get any sadder, the man who raped this tween is her 19-year-old uncle, who has subsequently disappeared. Now 20 weeks pregnant, the girl's parents want her to travel to Britain, where the abortion limit is 24 weeks, and a wealthy Romanian living in England has volunteered to pay for her plane fare. So what's the problem? Romanian government committees disagree about what the girl should be allowed to do.


According to the Guardian, even the Orthodox church, to which the majority of Romanians belong, thinks the girl should be permitted to get the abortion. Constantin Stoica, a church spokesman, said that her case is "an exceptional situation which must be treated in an exceptional manner and the family is the only one to take this decision." The Britain abortion plan's opponents, including the National Doctors Council, say that the "the rights of the fetus should be considered and the pregnancy should go ahead." A government committee decides this girl's fate today. Fingers crossed that she's allowed safe passage across the English Channel.


UPDATE: The girl will have her UK abortion! The Telegraph also has some heartbreaking quotes from the child's parents about the situation. But thank goodness for reasonable heads prevailing.

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