Romancing The Rich: Not As Fun As It Looks On TV!

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MSNBC has an article about the host of dating sites hooking up the young and hot with the old, crochety and fantastically wealthy. John Fergus, who used to be a "sugar daddy" on a website called, said that he was scandalized to find the site filled with women he thought were "golddiggers" and not really looking for love. John Fergus needs to get his head out of his ass, because the site advertises itself as "the premier dating website for sugar daddies, mommies and babies." Also: "sugar babies"? Ew! Anyway, today on Nerve, Lisa Carver has an essay about the perils of dating a rich dude, which is not the Louis Vuitton-outfitted panacea that the women on
the Real Housewives of Orange County make it out to be. Not surprisingly, Carver finds that her rich boyfriend expects her to do all the 50s housewifely planning things that he's too busy to deal with as the CEO or COO or whatever of a huge company.


Carver writes:

I picked up his dry cleaning, made his travel arrangements, kept things from him to safeguard his peace of mind. When he'd forget things he'd said or done, I didn't say, "Hey, you're having blackouts." I didn't even think it. I simply would recount for him what had happened, who said what to whom, so he could get the night straight in his mind. I was holding memories for him.


But then again, it might just be that this specific rich dude is kind of a dick and also maybe a nut case. He becomes convinced that he "recognized me in a porno and showed it to me. There was a series of girls in the video, and he thought I was every one of them, even the Hispanic teenager with moles. He figured I'd altered my appearance for that one with spray-on tan, dark contact lenses and prosthetics." Okaaaay. Psychos notwithstanding, dating a super high powered person of any kind seems to be a recipe for your needs not getting met, since their first priority will always be their job. Maybe the future golddiggers of America should look out for the independently wealthy playboys instead of the people who actually worked to earn their millions. Working is so nouveau riche anyway!

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The two rich guys I dated both had country club moms, which did not bode well for their expectations of women in relationships and as partners. The second one was genuinely surprised that I expect to work throughout my adult life. When I asked him what his mom actually did during the day, he said "tennis and plan charity events." Ew.