Roman Polanski Exonerated!

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By a nutjob who's obsessed with devil-worship? Maybe:

In a routine Google of the Polanski case, prompted by Joe Mozingo's excellent recap in the L.A. Times, I came across a href="">this website, which seems to esteem Polanski for his good work exposing black magic in the "docu-drama" Rosemary's Baby.

If it were not for Roman Polanski, the anti-satanic-cult movement would never have been started. Satanic Ritual Abuse would have gone unnoticed, and sources of satanism like Harry Potter and Dungeons and Dragons would be corrupting Christian children with impunity. Satanic Cults have tried to silence Roman Polanski before - the Charles Manson Family even tried to assasinate him, but only succeeded in murdering his wife, Sharon Tate, and their unborn child....The Manson Family and his allies in the International Satanist Movement have struck again, framing Roman Polanski for the "statutory rape" of a 13-year old girl. This is a lie. ROMAN POLANSKI IS INNOCENT.

The incident began when Roman Polanski met Samantha Gailey. When he heard her name, pronounced "Samantha, Gay-ly" he would have concluded that she was a lesbian recruit, who needed to be recruited back to heterosexuality. Samantha Gaily, 13. In the 70's only lesbians wore jeans. Of course, to recruit her into hetrosexuality, he would have to lay with her. Yes, this is technically against secular law, however, THERE IS NO AGE OF CONSENT IN BIBLICAL LAW.


Get it? But that pesky secular law does tend to get in the way of this kind of selfless heroism. And as the LAT piece makes clear, it's even less ambiguous than we've been led to believe.

Samantha's testimony that day was unequivocal: She had kept trying to get away from him, putting her clothes back on, saying no repeatedly. She had made up a lie about having asthma to get out of a Jacuzzi. He persisted. She was scared. She did not physically fight him off. He began to have sex with her, then, concerned she might get pregnant, switched to anal sex. When he drove her home, he told her not to tell her mom, adding, "You know, when I first met you, I promised myself I wouldn't do anything like this with you...Along the way, various people would scrub the core allegations into something more benign — a probation officer would deem the crime a "spontaneous" act of "poor judgment," a prison psychiatrist would call it "playful mutual eroticism."

Why didn't Polanski's camp just use the air-tight "devil-lesbian-conversion" defense? As Hollywood would surely agree, we have to get our priorities down. The man's doing God's work, people.

How A Girl's Stark Words Got Lost In The Polanski Spectacle [LA Times]


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