Hillary Clinton isn't the only one to come out strongly against the HHS proposal that would give greater job protection to health care workers who refuse to perform abortions, dispense birth control, or participate in other nebulously defined "medical procedures" because of their consciences. Attorney generals from 13 states are protesting the proposal, including those in John McCain's home state of Arizona, notoriously conservative Utah, and a bunch of other pinko strongholds like Vermont, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Connecticut AG Richard Blumenthal (pictured) wrote in a letter to HHS, "This proposed rule unconscionably puts personal agendas before patient care…failing even to acknowledge the rights of rape victims and others to access birth control and related vital health services." The Bush administration could impose the rule today, so if you want to give HHS a piece of your mind, click here. [MSNBC, Planned Parenthood]

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