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Roe Vs. World

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In today's New York Times, Hillary Clinton co-wrote an Op-Ed railing against the Health and Human Services proposal that would require any health care entity receiving federal money to allow doctors and other health workers "to practice according to their conscience." Hillary and co-writer Cecile Richards note that this new law would not only allow doctors to refuse patients contraception and abortions, but "allow providers to refuse to participate in unspecified 'other medical procedures' that contradict their religious beliefs or moral conviction…Many circumstances unrelated to reproductive health could also fall under the umbrella of 'other medical procedures.' Could physicians object to helping patients whose sexual orientation they find objectionable? Could a receptionist refuse to book an appointment for an H.I.V. test? What about an emergency room doctor who wishes to deny emergency contraception to a rape victim? Or a pharmacist who prefers not to refill a birth control prescription?" This is scary stuff, people. If you want to send an angry letter to Health and Human Services, click here. [NYT, Planned Parenthood]


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Does anyone know what the AMA thinks about all this? Or the group that represents pharmacists? Do they have a position?