'Rock Of Love': What Happens In Vegas Makes You Look Bad On Reality TV

Last night's episode of Rock of Love was the best one yet. For real, it was just about perfect . The girls were so absolutely psyched to go to Vegas to see Bret's "solo band" play, even though two of the girls—Heather and Brandi—are actually from Vegas (they're both exotic dancers, BTW). In Vegas, the girls saw the Bret Michaels Band perform and then Lacey and Brandi chugged hard liquor and got housed in about 15 minutes. Lacey started in with Brandi and Brandi responded by farting on her. How fucking much do you love this girl? Then they sat down for a fancy seafood meal with Bret, during which both Lacey and Brandi both vomit, all while Heather, the hungry, hungry strippo, sucks back like 20 oysters.

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@The One: Oh sad! I hadn't thought about that before, I just wanted Jes to win! And hungry hungry strippo is NOT 31. On that note, Slut Machine, will you marry me? I know you're straight (as evidenced from the lost condom story) as am I, but I do live in Mass., so it is legal!