'Rock Of Love' Rodeo's Wild Ride

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If you're a Rock of Love fan, you have to read this interview with recently booted-off contestant Rodeo. She begins crying immediately after the first question is asked, stopping only to laugh when she cracks herself up. We hear about her past tribulations, including paralysis, wheelchairs, cancer, and a stillborn baby. But more importantly, we learn about her business ventures: the forthcoming workout DVD Rodeo's Legs of Steel, her signature line of all-natural sausages "to benefit people's health" [Huh? -Ed.], and her line of bottled BBQ sauce. Also:

The parents are only letting the kids watch Rock of Love when I am on. I cannot believe when I go to the mall how much the kids and teenagers love me because of my hat.

There she is above, in said hat, being an inspiration to kids and teens everywhere. We bet you wanna be her MySpace friend.

The Celebreality Interview—Rodeo [VH1]

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"It's sad because these people that are struggling with their health, they watch me on the show and they're going to be disappointed. I can't stand it. It's killing me."

Why are people with health problems tuning in to Rock of Love? Are there magical medicinal benefits I don't know about?!

But my favorite part is her "ultimate goal".

"I would like to have a TV show where you'd watch me wake up in the morning, buy the foods you need to buy and work out, just something different to bring to the screen. But I would do everything in a hat."

Yes - must.have.the.Hat. She's awesome :)