The VH1 series Rock of Love continues to rock our core... it's that awesome. Bret Michaels is always reiterating his love for music and how important rock will be in whichever girl he eventually chooses to be his mate. ("Rock 'n' roll is an insatiable bitch goddess, but I love her. And I'm just looking for that one woman in my life to participate in that threesome.") This week on the show Bret had the contestants write songs for him and then perform them, which meant we got to witness the girls' creative 'processes' and their train wreck, karaoke-style performances. And the greatest thing is that most of the girls were so completely sincere in their efforts, particularly Brandi C. and Rodeo, which is why it was so tragic that we had to say goodbye to them later on in the show. Above, our tribute to them. We tip our wine coolers to their memory.

Rock Of Love [VH1]