'Rock of Love' Girls Talk About Sex, Sausage

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Nerve has sex-themed Q&A with some of the Rock of Love babes (Heather, Lacey, Rodeo and Brandi C.). We're sure you'll be happy to know that Rodeo's response to "What's going on in your life?" was this:

I have a lot of things happening with my sausage.

She also reminds us that she's "not a whore" and then says:

Why waste a penis? They're too damn pretty. I love them. It's a beautiful part of a man.

You'll never guess the craziest place 32-year-old stripper Heather has had sex: A tanning bed! She claims that she's been offered $20,000 to $30,000 for sex but turned it down, but that she'd do it for a million. She said that she doesn't want to feel like a prostitute. However, we think if we got close enough to touch her, we'd find out that she does feel just like a prostitute. Heather also said some awesome shit about the other girls. On Erin:

Her boobs are so annoying. That's why I named her Circus Tits.

On our girl Brandi M.:

Brandi always bragged about her blowjobs to keep herself around.

Brandi C. gave some insightful advice about how long one should wait before returning a dude's text:

Twenty minutes at least.

Oh, and her ultimate sex song is Kid Rock's cover of Bad Company's "Feel Like Makin' Love"


But ultimately, all we and Rodeo really care about is her signature health sausage.

It's all-natural. My barbecue sauce is all-natural, too. I've been working on trying to better people's health, making them feel good.

Sex Advice from Rock of Love Girls [Nerve]

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no, but it raises an interesting question:

Assuming the guy was decent or normal(ish), whats the price you would even consider, assuming you could do it at all?

I once asked my ex if he would have oral sex with another guy for a million dollars. He said "No", but I suspect the answer inside was more like "Yes".