Rock Of Love 2: The Girls Perform Their Patriotic Duty, Strip For 70-Year-Old Vets

What was shocking on last night's episode of Rock of Love 2 wasn't that two of the girls found it appropriate to perform a risqué striptease to a group of senior citizen war veterans, but that they were really bad at it. I mean, this is Rock of Love. I thought that stripping experience was a prerequisite when attempting to rock Bret's world! Worse (or perhaps, better still), was Daisy's rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner," to which she forgot the words, despite the fact that she was holding the lyrics in front of her face. Clip above.



I was HORRIFIED by everything these girls did for the vets. And I'm not one of those people who feels all veterans should be dipped in gold and worshipped in temples draped in the American flag. But just by virtue of the venue and the ages of the people involved, and all that, I was HORRIFIED.

Then again, this show horrifies me everytime I watch if, but I keep coming back for more...