A four-minute, extended preview for Rock of Love 2 has been airing on VH1 this week (during the week-long marathon of every cycle of ANTM, which was a hangover helper on January 1). First of all, how gorgeous is Bret's new wig? Secondly, the girls vying for Bret's love (or temporary attention?) this time around seem like they'll be just as awesome, if not more so, than last season's ragtag group of strippers, hairdressers, and nurses. For instance, there's a girl who's so nervous she's gonna shit in her pants, another girl who learns things about the world on MySpace, and some kind of foreign girl that wants to fuck Bret in the pool ASAP. But better yet, some of last season's girls come back to visit, like Lacey (ugh!), Heather (tatters!) and best of all, our favorite health sausage saleswoman Rodeo. (We get another chance to bask under her rainbow of never ending love!) The new season starts on January 13. That's only 10 days away! So friggin' excited.