Rock Of Love 2: New Season, New Strippers, New Wig For Bret

I don't know if it's because of where and how I've spent the last five days, but the contestants on last night's premiere of Rock of Love 2 didn't seem as outrageous, trashy, or slutty as I expected. But don't get me wrong, I'm still excited about this new season, and I'm sure I'll warm up to the girls very soon. So far, I've particularly taken a shine to Angelique, who is sort of a combination of Alexis Arquette and Tori Spelling. (And to think that she's had like six or seven elective surgeries to get to that point!) She's wonderful though, in all of her busted-ness — particularly her weave, which looks like the white girls' on ANTM like six weeks into the competition after it gets all unbalanced and starts growing out. Oh and good Lord, speaking of hair: The girls may not be over the top this season, but Bret's wig is!


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