Rock Of Love 2: Bret Removes His Bandanna

On last night's episode of Rock of Love 2, the parents of the three remaining girls came to visit, and Amber's dad nearly fucked up the whole competition for her when he told Bret her real age. (She's 37, not 32.) She insisted that she was so used to telling people her stage age, she didn't realize that she'd lied to Bret. But honestly, how could Bret even be pissed at her? Hiding one's age in show business isn't really any more deceitful than say, hiding one's bald spot with a wig tied on with a bandanna. Ooh, speaking of...Bret took off his bandanna this week! Pictures of his weave after the jump.

Seriously, how long do you think he spent in hair and makeup before this was shot?


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