On last night's episode of Rock of Love 2, Kristy Jo, who seems like an emotional basket case, decided that she might be falling in love with Bret, and that maybe that's not so good for her right now, considering that she's still legally married to her second husband. But when it came down to elimination, Aubrey โ€” the girl whom Bret wouldn't kiss โ€” took matters into her own hands when it became apparent that either she or Kristy Jo would be ending their tour that evening. Just as Bret was about to bestow the final pass onto the girl he chose, Aubrey cut him off and made a big dramatic show about how she was sacrificing herself for her friend Kristy Jo, so that she may continue to be in the running towards becoming Bret's next rock of love. Turns out, though, that Bret was gonna choose Kristy Jo all along, so all that crying was for nothing. (Besides our entertainment, of course.) Clip above.