Robin Thicke has released his second video of the week. This one is for his song "Still Madly Crazy" and also features some cute kids not just lipsynching but singing along to his song at a pretend group wedding. A sample lyric is "I'm crazy, so crazy for you."

Despite the glut of emotion he's spewed over the airwaves and on YouTube recently, Thicke told Hot 97 Tuesday that he was keeping the details of his breakup with Paula Patton private, while sharing details about how "selfish," "greedy" and "full of himself" he became:

"I try to keep most of that private, but, I haven't seen her for four months."

"Once you've been together that long, you kinda became adults together instead of being adults and then meeting. You know so maybe a year or two off, we'll become our own people without each other and then it'll all be meant to be."

"She hasn't heard [the album]. She's only heard a few songs. I don't think she wants to hear it right now. I can't speak for her, but I think space is an important part of any healing process."

"When I make these songs and I listen back to them they make me feel good about myself because at least I'm admitting my faults, I'm trying to become a better man, better person, better father."


Is Robin's strategy to flood the market with his pathos working? No. Paula debuted at number eight on iTunes, 76 on and will probably sell 20-25,000 copies this week. Last summer's Blurred Lines sold 177,000 in the same time period and obviously the title single off that album did very well indeed.

Thicke says some of that success might be why he is where he is right now. "Last year's a blur, no pun intended," he told Hot 97. "[I had] a little too much [fun]. That's why we're here, friends." Though FYI – all of that fun was with Paula.