Robert Pattinson Hit By A Car While Running From Fans; Jon And Kate Gosselin Are Divorcing

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  • Robert Pattinson was grazed by a taxi cab in New York while running across the street to get away from hysterical fans. The cab only hit him in the hip and he was uninjured.

The bodyguard next to him yelled, "You see what you did, you almost killed him!" at the fans. [Radar Online]

  • Robert Pattinson was reportedly out on a date with two woman earlier this week, because obviously he could not have been just spending time with two female friends. "One of the two women Rob was with was definitely Camilla Belle, one of his 'rumored' girlfriends," said a source. "The other I only caught a quick glance of — and it could have been Emilie De Ravin but I can't swear to it. She was blond and beautiful." [Radar Online]
  • TLC has started running commercials for a special episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8 that will air on Monday. The ad, which you can watch at the link, says, "Jon and Kate Gosselin have an announcement." And Kate says in a voice over, "Recently, we've made some life-changing decisions - decisions that will affect every member of our family, ones that we hope will bring each of us some peace." [People]
  • A source confirms Jon and Kate Gosselin will announce that they are divorcing. Another says they've agreed to separate by July 15. They say Kate has already met with a divorce lawyer. [Radar Online]
  • Carrie Prejean's lawyers have sent a letter to the Miss California USA organization saying she was wrongly terminated and will sue unless they "retract the defamatory statements" made about her. [Extra]
  • Barry Carpenter, the Ohio police chief being investigated for allegedly breaking into the home of Sarah Jessica Park and Matthew Broderick's surrogate, told a radio station he has a perfectly reasonable explanation. Carpenter says he was driving past the home when he noticed the front door was open, so he went in to make sure everything was OK. Then he met with a National Enquirer reporter who was snooping around in town to "mess with him and jerk him around." [TMZ]
  • Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka, his partner of five years, are selecting a surrogate mother to carry their baby. They are using the same agency as Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick. [Star]
  • Lou Ferrigno, former star of The Incredible Hulk is training Michael Jackson in preparation for his comeback concerts in July. "Lou and Michael have known each other for a long time," says Ferrigno's wife Carla. "Lou first trained Michael 15-years ago." [People]
  • Cher has released a statement about her son Chaz Bono's sex change. "Chaz is embarking on a difficult journey, but one that I will support," she says. "I respect the courage it takes to go through this transition in the glare of public scrutiny and although I may not understand I will strive to be understanding. The one thing that will never change is my abiding love for my child." [People]
  • Tyra Banks' stalker, Brady Green, was sentenced today to one year of probation, barred from contacting Tyra for two years, and ordered to complete and anti-stalking court. Tyra was not present in court. [NY Post]
  • Britney Spears was originally supposed to stay at an unnamed hotel in Dublin, but after the management refused to install a steel pole in her room so she could continue practicing her pole dancing workouts she moved to the Four Seasons. [The Evening Herald]
  • Alexa Ray Joel says she wasn't surprised when she found out Billy Joel was divorcing his wife Katie Joel. "I have a pretty good woman's intuition, so I could tell," said Alexa. "I know my dad very well... He's a strong man. He'll get through this, and I'm going to help him." [People]
  • Kanye West and Amber Rose are back on. [Perez Hilton]
  • Usher said he doesn't want people to assume that he's in a bad place because he's getting divorced. "If there's any turmoil I think it's managing all of it, but having an incredible team that helps me do that it makes it very easy, or easier than it would normally be attempting to do it myself," he said, adding, "What I do is, I try to get [my work] done and get home on the weekends if possible ... but when I'm with my boys it's just all about them." [Entertainment Tonight]
  • The Austrian media is going nuts over speculation that Sacha Baron Cohen's character in Bruno is actually based on Austrian TV host Alfons Haider. He says, "I never understood the comparison to myself at all. The only comparisons I can think of is that I'm Austrian, I'm gay, and I work for television, but the rest is completely fiction." [TMZ]
  • Megan Fox has defended her comments about smoking pot saying, "I wouldn't call it recreational drug use... that makes me sound like I'm going into clubs and using cocaine... I talked about the legalisation of marijuana, which I think in the United States it should be. If alcohol is legal, I just think marijuana should be, that's all." [The Star]
  • Though a spokesman for the Tony Awards said that Bret Michaels was knocked out by a falling prop at the show when he "missed his mark," Michaels says, "I didn't drop my microphone or slip on a banana peel. I got blindsided … This was a real accident. This wasn't a gag gone wrong." [USA Today]
  • A cast member was injured while filming a battle scene for Ridley Scott's remake of Robin Hood. Medics were called in to treat him and there's no word on his condition. [The Daily Mail]
  • Delta Burke is in a wheelchair because she slipped in a hotel bathroom and injured her back. She said, "I felt myself falling and I didn't want to hit my head on the toilet because I did not want 'toilet bowl' in my obituary listed anywhere." [Extra]
  • British TV host Fearne Cotton will spend two weeks with Scarlett Johansson for a new show about Hollywood lifestyles. Paris Hilton and Peaches Geldof will appear on other episodes. [The Sun]
  • Jack Tweed, husband of the late Jade Goody, was snubbed by R.Kelly at a London nightclub. On onlooker reports, "'They said that Jack had been invited into the VIP area to see R. Kelly. But the bouncer did not recognise him and told him that he couldn't get in. When Jack's mate told the bouncer who he was, the guy on the door said, "It doesn't matter who he is, he still can't come in." [The Daily Mail]
  • Jani Lane, lead singer of 80's hair band Warrant, was arrested for misdemeanor DUI traffic accident last night in L.A. He is currently being held on $30,000 bail. [TMZ]
  • Woody Allen said he'd like French first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy to star in one of his films. "I'm sure she would be wonderful. She has charisma, and she performs, so she's not a stranger to an audience, and I would cast her in many different ways," he said. "I don't have a story at the moment, but you know, maybe even I'll ask her, if she's interested." [Yahoo]
  • In the video at the link, Ethan Zohn of Survivor: Africa discusses the medication he has to take to treat his Hodgkins Lymphoma. "The chemotherapy knocks me down, so I've gotta take all this stuff to boost me back up," he says. [People]
  • Liv Tyler got into a screaming match with an elderly woman in Los Angeles after she saw the woman shouting at a baby crying in its stroller. She checked on the child and threatened to call the police. [The Daily Mail]
  • Ashton Kutcher is urging the U.S. government not to intervene in Iran, not that anyone asked him. He Tweets: "Considering how well fighting 4 freedom in Iraq went, I dont know that we should B jumping in2 this Iran deal. I think that truly the only people that can change things in Iran are the Iranians themselves and they seem to be speaking their minds now." He also told other Twitterers that they should change their IP address to make it look like they are in Tehran to confuse Iranian officials. [The Daily Express]
  • NeNe Leakes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta says of the fighting on The Real Housewives of New Jersey over Danielle Staub's past, "For someone to criticize someone about something they've done in their 20s is absolutely bananas. Who hasn't made a mistake while they were in their 20s? Everyone had! Most people do things that they are not proud of when they are in their 20s. I've made mistakes. So have Teresa, Dina, Caroline and Danielle. Honey, I hope they don't pull apart my closet from when I was 21. There's a lot of stuff up in there." [E!]
  • Janet Hubert, who played Aunt Viv on Fresh Prince of Bel Air has written a tell-all memoir in which she lashes out at Will Smith. She writes, "Smith had people around him who made sure no one outshone him. I was happy to see Don Cheadle become the quality actor that he is, and often wondered how he made it past one episode, as Hilary's boyfriend, being such a fierce actor. No one could be on The Tonight Show, that first season, except Will. And I mean no one." [Just Jared]
  • Heather Locklear was spotted a few times last week wearing a diamond ring, sparking rumors that she and Jack Wagner are engaged. A few night later the ring was gone. "She's in it for the long haul with Jack. Their friends know their future is together," says a friend of the couple, who explains that they're planning to get married, "But they're not officially engaged." [People]
  • Price William is hinting that he would like to go to war like his brother, Prince Harry. "In my eyes, if Harry can do it then I can do it," William said. "I didn't join the forces to be mollycoddled or treated any differently." He added that while many say it's impossible for him to be on the front lines, "I still remain hopeful there's a chance." [People]
  • Lindsay Price says boyfriend Josh Radnor's best qualities are that, "He's very thoughtful, and he's very good at giving gifts," adding, "He's the light in the dark space." [People]
  • Anna Friel says that for her role as a prostitute named Dee in the BBC show The Street she met a real prostitute. "She taught me that when she's at work she puts her mind into a different place," she said. "She absents herself. I didn't have a sex scene as Dee - you didn't need to see that. But I got the sense from the woman I met of the prostitute's disregard for men. In a sense, the woman has power over the man, she manipulates the situation and is in charge of how it goes... The piece is saying that, while prostitution is never the answer, people should not get too judgmental about women who have to go down that path." [The Independent]
  • Bridget Marquardt says she's not surprised that Kendra Wilkinson is pregnant because she knew she wanted to start a family soon, "But I definitely thought Holly would be the first." She added, "[Kendra] actually has a little bit of a baby bump. She thinks she…looks fat," she said with a laugh, "but I know she's not." [E!]
  • Josh Duhamel says he knew Fergie was "the One" because of advice his dad gave him. "My dad once told me to find someone who sees things optimistically," he says. "It was just the consistency of how my wife dealt with things. I knew how she'd deal with adversity." [People]
  • Chace Crawford says he's even more honored to be named People's Hottest Bachelor now that he's considered the competition. "Me and my friends are flipping through and Access Hollywood, they're like x-ing out the other guys. When they're x-ing out [George] Clooney, that's when it hit me. I go, 'Wow, that feels pretty surreal,'" he adds, "It's such a big deal. It's funny I didn't really realize how massive [it] was going to be." Does Chace realize that "hottest bachelor" isn't actually as competitive as "sexiest man alive?" [People]
  • John Krasinsky says that Sam Mendes made him and Maya Rudolph film their sex scene on the first day of shooting Away We Go to break the ice. "We were both really, really nervous and one of the reasons why I wear my glasses throughout the movie and never take them off is because I was so nervous under the covers that when I popped out I still had the glasses on," says Krasinsky. "I didn't have the wherewithal to see what the hell was going on. I popped out and Sam was like, 'Cut, that was ridiculous.' I said, 'I know I'm really sorry.' And (he) was like, 'No we're gonna keep it.' From then on I wear my glasses in bed for the character because I was terrified being under the covers." [The Daily Express]
  • Evan Rachel Wood says even though her relationship with Marilyn Manson is over she appreciates that he helped her find her dark side. She says, "I would want to do something really dark or vintage or over-the-top for an award show, but my people would be like, 'It makes you look old, let's keep you young and fresh and light and fluffy.' And I hadn't gotten my voice yet, so I was just like, 'OK, you're right, I suck, I'll wear what you say.' But then I met [Manson], and I found somebody who appreciated all those things about me that I thought were wrong. He liked the music I liked, the way I dressed, the people I hung out with. I was raised thinking that a relationship like that was just completely wrong. But I can't choose who I fall in love with, and I'm not going to not do something that makes me happy just because people disapprove. It seemed natural to us and that was all that mattered." [The Daily Express]


Little Green Frog

"Who hasn't made a mistake while they were in their 20s? Everyone had!"

Who hasn't been arrested on suspicions of kidnapping? Who didn't have a boyfriend that had a 30 room mansion? Who hasn't returned to that mansion to find the FBI (and maybe a huge party with cocaine and orgies but just retreated peacefully to their room)? Who hasn't inspired an ex-cop to write themselves into a book about crime?

Sigh, yeah.... I miss MY twenties....