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Rival German Politician Says Angela Merkel Has It Super Easy Because She’s a Woman

Illustration for article titled Rival German Politician Says Angela Merkel Has It Super Easy Because She’s a Woman

It seems like it'd be pretty hard to be Angela Merkel, considering she has to constantly convince the German people that shouldering Spain's debt burden is way better than spending all those extra euros on, I dunno, a series of national indoor water parks. Or sausage factories, whatever, it's your money, Germany. However, according to Peer Steinbrueck, a Social Democrat Party candidate for chancellor and therefore a political rival of Merkel's, the German chancellor has it pretty easy, and do you know why? It's because she's a woman, duh, and, as any privilege-denying dude will grouchily tell you, women have had it waaaaaay easier than men ever since modern medicine ensured that they could stop having to endure the pain of pushing a child out of their uterus in a homemade birthing trench.


Steinbrueck, whose campaign has been touch-and-go ever since it was revealed that he received more than a million euros in speaking fees, told the AFP that Merkel has a leg-up in the political races because her beguiling lady magic automatically charms all would-be female voters:

Angela Merkel is popular because she gets a bonus from women. A large proportion of female voters appreciates how she has for a long time asserted herself in her party but also, beyond that, in Europe. That is not a disadvantage for me, but an advantage for her.


Steinbrueck also told the AFP that the German chancellor, who is paid about 17,000 euros per month, should make more money, which should lead voters to believe that Steinbrueck really doesn't want to be chancellor but is running for the office anyway because he doesn't want to disappoint his parents.

Angela Merkel has advantage ‘because she is a woman,' says rival [AFP via Telegraph]

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The Real Janelle

Now, to be fair, I don't think that's a terrible quote - I have sympathy for women in politics precisely because it's so fucking hard to get in there, so it's pretty possible I will pay more attention to their campaign and what they're offering than I would any other male candidate I haven't heard of. I'm not saying this is necessarily a good thing, but I think it happens to many other women.