Rita Ora Is Still Trying

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When Jay Z signed Rita Ora to his Roc Nation record label in 2009, everyone was expecting her to be the next Rihanna. That, clearly, has not quite panned out, but you do have to admire Rita Ora's commitment to the cause. The British singer is still pushing her music career despite the many signs saying: "Yeah, maybe not."

If you're unfamiliar with Rita Ora that's likely because you're an American who listens to music. However, you may remember her as the blonde woman who blocked our view of Blue Ivy dancing during Beyonce's performance at the VMAs. To be fair, Ora's music is pretty successful in the UK, but she's obviously been trying to break into the American market for quite awhile now and it's just not working.

To make matters worse, her British fans aren't quite holding things down for her either. On Friday, Rita Ora posted that she would release a new song next week if her fan retweeted her tweet 100,000 times.

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With 3.9 million Twitter followers, that's not completely outside the realm of reason but still, it was a pretty bold request. As it turns out, Ora's tweet only garnered 2,000 retweets and soon after she deleted the post.

She is now claiming that her Twitter got "hacked," which is celebrity speak for "I tweeted some stupid, can we pretend like that never happened?"


Alright, girl.

It might be time for Rita Ora to cut her losses and start considering other options. She lucked out when her record label got her on Iggy Azalea's "Black Widow," but that only depends on a very loose definition of "luck."


Rita, you are a very interesting dresser and you're beautiful. I cannot comment on your acting abilities, but you managed to secure a role in Fifty Shades of Grey which will undoubtably be one of the biggest films of year, so that's exciting. That could work out well for you!

What I'm saying is, if you're finding musical success in Britain, perhaps just be content with that because it ain't happening stateside. I have a feeling I'm not the first person to deliver this information, so, if nothing else, bless your heart for still trying.


Image via AP; h/t The Telegraph.

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I forget. Why do we not like Rita Ora? Or did the giant wheel of "Female Celebrities Jezebel Hates" finally land on her?