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In the continuing fallout from Beyoncé’s Lemonade, Rita Ora, who has seemed at times Team Jay, then Team Bey, has released a set of Twitter statements suggesting that she, like Rachel Roy before her, is not “Becky with the Good Hair.”


On Tuesday, Rita instagrammed the poster of the 1973 film Ash Wednesday starring Elizabeth Taylor, which is about a middle-aged woman who, in order to try to keep her husband, gets full-body plastic surgery. It came after Rita posted a Snapchat of herself in a lemon-patterned bikini wearing a “J” necklace, and also after she was photographed wearing one of the same outfits Beyoncé wears in the video for “Formation.”


Though Rita wearing the dress seemed to be a sign that she was supporting Beyoncé, the Ash Wednesday post (which is, like all her grams since the lemon bikini Snapchat, covered in emojis of lemons and bees from the Beyhive) threw her right back into the muck, requiring a few tweets to clear things up.


Update: She fixed it.


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Am I the only one who thinks Rita’s “J” necklace is actually a lower-case “r”, displayed backwards? I could need more caffeine, but it looks that way to me.