Rita, No!

Though we will probably never know for certain who the now infamous “Becky with the good hair” is (is it Rita? Rachel? Someone entirely unexpected, like Geena Davis?), Rita Ora has decided to do her best to make us all think it’s her.

After the internet discovered a photo of Ora in a lemon-covered bra and a “J” necklace, the singer appeared on the streets of Los Angeles in the exact same Gucci dress Beyoncé wears in the “Formation” video. And this time, her necklace is an “R.”


It’s a bad look, whether Jay Z (who, let me remind you, is the primary villain in this narrative) cheated on Beyoncé with her or not.

Oh, who am I kidding? I love this so much. Keep it up, “Becky”! Your hair looks great!

[Daily Mail]

ABC personally apologized to Kelly Ripa for keeping her in the dark over Michael Strahan’s upcoming departure from Live! for GMA. E! News reports the apology “was conveyed by Ben Sherwood, the president of the Disney-ABC Television Group, and his leadership team, including ABC stations president Rebecca Campbell and ABC News president James Goldston.”


They “expressed regret for the way Kelly was told the news.”

Ripa returned to Live! Tuesday morning after taking a long weekend away to celebrate her 20th anniversary.


[E! News]

Here’s a cute lil vid of Nori and Kim.


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