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RIP Kanye's Mom

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  • Kanye West's mother, Dr. Donda West, died Saturday in L.A. She was 58 years old. The cause of death has not been released. Dr. West was formerly the chair of Chicago State University's English Department. In her book, Raising Kanye, her son wrote in the foreword: "I have known my mom since I was zero years old. She is quite dope." [USA Today]
  • Britney Spears has a new manager — her "friend" Sam Lufti. The same guy who may or may not have been trying to sell her emails to the tabloids. Stay classy, Brit! [Page Six]
  • Uh, did Britney fail a drug test? [Perez Hilton]
  • Maybe! The test came back positive, says a source. But the source also says it was a false postive. Maybe she had a poppy seed bagel? Also, did she run a red light with her kids (and court-appointed monitor) in the car — and not even notice, because she was texting? [TMZ]
  • Oh, and is Britney on a medication called Provigil, which helps addicts kick cocaine? It was seen in her purse. Although it's also used to treat narcolepsy. It's hard to know what to think. [ONTD]
  • View cohost Elisabeth Hasselbeck gave birth to a boy on Friday, and will call the show today to announce her son's name. YAWN. [People]
  • Prince Harry and girlfriend Chelsy Day have split up. Some claim that Chelsy was fed up with Harry's playboy lifestyle. If you were a cute 23-year-old red-headed prince, would you settle down? [People]
  • Amy Winehouse's husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, has been "crying non-stop" in prison. He was moved to a medical unit, which is supposed to calm him down. "He's crying for Amy," says a source. "He's more concerned about her." Amy is said to be "furious" she can't visit him until tomorrow. Messy stuff! [Mirror]
  • Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis says his imprisonment is "an abuse of the criminal justice system." And that someone is trying to get "revenge"on him. Hmm, we thought it was because he filmed underage drunk girls showering together? [ABC News]
  • Hip-hop impresario Russell Simmons loves critters: He's releasing an anti-dogfighting PSA. [Page Six]
  • Rocker Lenny Kravitz worries when daughter Zoe's skirts are too short. Why are devoted dads so hot??? [Page Six]
  • While Ashley Olsen is seeing Lance Armstrong, Mary-Kate is dating hockey player Sean Avery, who's apparently a cad. Watch out, M-K! [Page Six]
  • Kate Hudson as seen making out with Heath Ledger??? Oy. We're having trouble keeping up. Also, ew. [Page Six]
  • Marilyn Manson's girlfriend, Evan Rachel Wood, says she's not bisexual, but "there have been times where I have been attracted to a woman. I'm not afraid of sexuality. I think too many people get shit and get called skanky or a whore just because they are sexual." [Page Six]
  • Is 43-year-old Desperate Housewives star Nicolette Sheridan pregnant? [Mirror]
  • Entertainment Tonight's Mary Hart sat down with "famous puppy" Iggy — of the Ellen DeGeneres debacle — for some "exclusive footage." No, it's not a joke. [ET]

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@hortense: Gotta love the off-label uses! Medically prescribed drugs are so much fun.

RIP Donda. Kanye, you were lucky to have her. Make her proud.

Britney, Amy, Kate, MK...Nicolette...Oy. Too much information.

Also - I heart you Russell and so does my doggie! I'll do Warrior II pose in your honor tonight.