RihCaprio Is Dead, Long Live RihCaprio

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Less than a month after shacking up with Rihanna, noted e-cig enthusiast Leonardo DiCaprio is already being all "You wanna go to a real party?" with a new blonde model. DiCaprio was seen rubbing mouths with a woman at a L.A. nightclub, just a few tables away from where Rih, also in attendance, was sitting.


Radar reports:

DiCaprio was spotted hanging with a blonde model at 1Oak in L.A. on Saturday, February 7 — and they were definitely more than friends. "They were making out," an insider tells Radar, and they didn't care who saw — even though Rihanna was only feet away!

"Rihanna was at the owner, Richie Akiva's table, downstairs," an insider tells Radar exclusively. "Leo was at a separate table. He had his own by the DJ booth."

Possibilities: A.) Rihanna demanded that DiCaprio make out with the model for her own personal enjoyment, B.) Rihanna already moved on to a new dude and couldn't care less about who Leo—in a desperate plea for her attention—sucks face with, or C.) Leo and Rih were just casually hooking up to begin with and, despite tabloid claims, were never really a couple. (I'm going with A, B and C.)


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Taylor Swift is suing Ronnie Cremer, a guitar teacher who claims to have taught Swift, for using her name in his subtle website domain, ITaughtTaylorSwift.com. Cremer says he once provided Swift, then a tween, with two guitar lessons a week and helped her record a demo. He's recently been on a roll, telling the New York Daily News all about young Taylor, her "bull in a china shop" mother and what it was like to teach her guitar.

Despite feeling "bullied," Cremer refuses to give up the website, saying, "I'm not giving back the domain name. GoDaddy sold it to me." [Billboard]


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Today in celebrity excuses, attorney Shawn Holley (also the lawyer of Lindsay Lohan) told courts that client Justin Bieber Baratheon couldn't complete any of the five days of community service he was charged with for egging a neighbor's home last winter because of a soccer injury that he acquired last month in Turks and Caicos. He has had since July to complete the hours. [TMZ]

  • Thank god that Gwyneth Paltrow taught her kids the difference between "record" and "album" so many future embarrassing incidents can be avoided. [US Weekly]
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  • Vanderpump Rules "star" Jax Taylor thinks George Clooney could do much better than wife Amal Clooney. George and Amal Clooney continue to not know that Jax Taylor exists. [E! Online]
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