Rihanna Wins Race During Rob Kardashian Go-Kart Date

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Rihanna and Not A Law Student After All Rob Kardashian spent a night in Burbank, California playing some go-karts (which Rihanna won, naturally) and then heading to a nightclub called Playhouse. Ri-Ri. Unspeakable gladness at the thought that you might be done with Chris Brown fills every cranny of the cockles of my heart, but does it have to be a Kardashian? Whyyyyyy! [Daily Mail]


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Halle Berry's custody case against Gabriel Aubry for daughter Nahla is legitimately turning into the hottest custody case there has ever been, ever. Not only did Salma Hayek testify, but Berry's fiancé Olivier Martinez will soon be taking the stand to discuss Berry's parenting skills. The actress is looking to move to France in order to shield her daughter from the paparazzi. [NYDN]

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Will.i.am has somehow convinced NASA to let him air his new single "Reach For The Stars" for the first time through the speakers of the Mars Curiosity Rover while it hangs out on the Red Planet. Thus, will.i.am's new song debuts on Mars, making for one of today's better headlines. No word yet on the Rover's thoughts, but I bet they'll be adorable. (Sample tweet: "There are 70 lbs of science at the end of my arm!") Awwwwwww. [Slashgear]

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A photo of two men spooning, one of whom is purportedly Bow Wow, was posted on Twitter; the poster requested $10,000 from "Mr. Wow" to stop the madness. Bow Wow immediately clambered to tell everyone it was fake, as well as the face rearrangement he would like to perform on the hacker in question: "got 2500$ to any Detroit ni**a that finds @7_i_Am and slaps the p*ss outta dis ni**a. Word!" No word yet on what he's done about it, except reveal himself as a major homophobe. Commenters with Photoshop experience, meanwhile, are divided on its authenticity: the tattoo on the man in question's shoulder is incorrect (Bow Wow has a clown there. As the best of us do.) [Towleroad]

  • Serena Van Der Woodsen and her boyfriend Ryan Reynolds had some ice cream. [People]
  • "He feels he has let himself down and is very disappointed with the fact that he allowed it to happen." —Source on Prince Gingerpeen Harry. [Page Six]
  • He even went so far as to delete the Facebook account he kept under the name Spike Wells. (That gave me the LOLz.) [Radar]
  • Nathan Lane, meanwhile, said that Harry was like any "red-blooded man." "He wants to get drunk and go out with hookers." [Page Six]
  • Despite what you may have read on Twitter, Russell Brand is not dead. [Inquisitr]
  • Odd Future gave a performance at the Leeds Festival yesterday that involved "attacking a blowup doll." Yiiiikes? [Express]
  • John Mayer cut his hair and everyone is freaking the fuck out. [Us Weekly]
  • A prenup was signed in the Tomkat marriage, so he'll only pay her $400,000 a year. Only. [News.com.au]
  • Emma Stone sums up heartbreak aptly: "I was crawling on the floor. I remember throwing up. I remember being on the floor... I have never felt anything quite like that. It was so visceral. It's like someone has killed you and you have to live through it and watch it happen... It was awful." [Page Six]
  • Rachel Zoe's clothing line might close down because nobody cares? [Page Six]
  • The Winklevii had kosher dinner at a restaurant called Jezebel! [Page Six]
  • Roger Moore says Daniel Craig was the best James Bond. Ahhhh! Is that allowed? [BBC]
  • Anna Faris had a son named Jack. [Reuters]
  • Brangelina and brood flew to France. [People]
  • Tameka Raymond blasted Usher on Twitter after he won the custody battle over the kids: "Money can buy many things." [Daily Mail]
  • Amanda Bynes needs to stop with those hit and runs. [TMZ]
  • The Cloonster is flying to Geneva on behalf of President Obama. [Yahoo News]



The Winklevoss Twins look way older than 31 to me. If you had told me "They're 41" I'd be like "Yeah, they're a good looking 41."

In other news, I'm still sort of mourning the fact that there are not, in fact, two Armie Hammers, as I originally thought when watching The Social Network. It ruined some... plans... I had.