Rihanna Will Not Perform at the Grammys

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Rihanna has canceled her performance at tonight’s Grammy Awards.

According to TMZ, Rihanna arrived at the Staples Center but decided to pull the plug due to a case of bronchitis.

Our sources say Rihanna wanted to perform but reluctantly decided she had to listen to her doctors. She left Staple’s and is going home.

She was going to sing Kiss Me Better.” She even rehearsed twice but in the end the show just could not go on.

Something seemed fishy when Rihanna, queen of entrances, did not walk the red carpet. Doctors recommended that she skip the performance.

The night is generally not going entirely according to plan.


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eugene levy's eyebrows

As someone who is getting over a throat infection and has probably taken liver-damaging amounts of ibuprofen and tylenol in the last 3 days so that I can feel like I’m not being stabbed in the throat when I swallow, good choice RiRi. Get better, girl.