Rihanna to CBS and NFL: 'Fuck You!'

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Last week, the NFL tried to cover its ass for its abysmal handling of the Ray Rice elevator tape — and its depraved indifference to domestic violence in general — by, uh, canceling a game-opening sequence that featured Rihanna. Because Rihanna is a domestic violence survivor. Okay.


It was a wildly dumb and insensitive move — playing a Rihanna song isn't bad PR, but you know what is? Tolerating a culture of total apathy to domestic violence! Rihanna shouldn't be effectively punished for the league's enormous and terrible shortcomings. And RiRi agrees. She just took to Twitter to blast the NFL "penalizing" her for Rice's crime:

TELL 'EM, RIH. [Bossip]

And, in a less infuriating story: here's Bill Murray dancing to "Turn Down For What" at a party in South Carolina. Such easy grace. Such beautiful arm movements. Such a lovely amicable grinding technique. [Billboard]

Beyoncé and Jay Z publicly declared their love and gratitude for one another at the end of their final On the Run Tour concert, which was in Paris. OK, WE GET IT, YOU'RE NOT GETTING DIVORCED. [Billboard]


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  • Lauren Conrad has yet to post a photo of her wedding dress on social media, endangering the very lives of thousands — millions, maybe — of eager teens. [MTV]
  • Floyd Mayweather, piece of shit, did not tip his waitress after spending $25,000 at a restaurant. [TMZ]

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I don't know what's going on with this necklace, but I fucking love it. It's like crazy cyborg jewelry.