Rihanna’s Family Gives Her and Chris Brown Their Blessing

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We've heard and been subsequently bored by Rihanna and Chris Brown's allegedly coincidental run-ins at various clubs in recent weeks, but it might raise an eyebrow of interest to learn that her family seem to have happily signed off on their renewed relationship. Heading on over to 40/40 to catch the Miami Heat game over the weekend, Rihanna and Brown were joined by her granddad Lionel Brathwaite and various cousins. "Rihanna arrived first in a yellow cab, with her family and friends, and was escorted to a private room," said a source type. "Brown arrived a little later and joined her and her family. They sat on the same couch together rooting for the Heat. There was no sign of his girlfriend." [Page Six]
In related yet comparatively trivial news, Rihanna's casual style is the best. [NYDN]

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Though there is something to be said for solidarity, Robert Pattinson says the highfalutin actor types who joined the protests at Occupy LA are nothing but a bunch of rich, hypocritical assholes. "I remember when Occupy happened in LA. I knew a bunch of actors who went down to it. They all drove down there, because no one takes the train, and parked one stop away, because they didn't want to be seen driving their free Audis, and then got on the train," he said. "I was like, 'What are you doing? You're probably ruining it for the other people'. I guess that's kind of a bubble; you want to say things, but you are being hypocritical. I've never really been in a position to give my opinion on political stuff before, it doesn't really come up. But suddenly you've got to take an enormous amount of responsibility." [SMH]
Christina Ricci says Robert, Englishman, needed voice coaching on the set of Bel Ami to make his "Valley girl" accent more British. [Us]

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She dressed up as Freddie Mercury for her 24th birthday so casting Katy Perry as the singer's girlfriend Mary Austin in an upcoming biopic – alongside Sacha Baron Cohen in the lead — is the clear choice. "Katy would love to be in the film as she is such a huge fan," said a friend. "She would want to play Mary Austin, ideally. Katy has a similar look to Mary and would be a brilliant foil to Sacha." [NYDN]

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Mark Wahlberg is heading back to high school to get his diploma. But, unfortunately for potential classmates, he'll be doing it all online. "I've got to take up all the courses that I missed, and I'm a little nervous," he said. "They're going to give me whatever credits I already have, which is probably like one or two. But I'm going to make it happen." [E!]

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There was talk of them eloping in Europe last month, but marital word has it that Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas are planning a Stateside wedding in New York on June 30. Get those stalking shoes on because the location has been revealed as St. Patrick's Old Cathedral on Mulberry Street. "It was where Francis Ford Coppola filmed the famous baptism scene in The Godfather in which Al Pacino's renunciation of Satan was intercut with the massacre of the Corleone family's enemies," wrote the Post. That's nice. [Page Six]

  • Unsolicited Uterus Update: Khloe Kardashian has started getting fertility treatments. [TMZ]
  • Lena Dunham just bought an apartment in the lovely and picturesque neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights — although not on one of the ridiculously gorgeous fruit streets — and is now the proud owner of some New York City real estate. [Page Six]
  • Following up her mega-hit "212" and the lesser played but still awesome "Liquorice" was going to be a bit of a task for self-professed lyricist/bitch/comedian/cutie pie Azealia Banks, but she did it — her decent new single "Aquababe" was released overnight. [Soundcloud]
  • Cake Boss star Buddy Valastro is in deep shit, and deservedly so, for a transgender jab in Carmen Carrera's direction. [The Daily Beast]
  • The best thing to do after rehab is to head straight to a club and test your new resolve, according to Nick Gruber. [Page Six]
  • Lady Gaga has Tweeted a photo of her black eye for your visual consumption. [Page Six]
  • It's understandable that you might consider stripping yourself naked and running around Orlando Bloom's house – you never know what might come of it. Unfortunately for this guy it turned out to be arrest. [NYDN]
  • While movers were clearing shit out of her house to make way for the Obama fundraiser, Sarah Jessica Parker went for a walk and left Anna Wintour in charge. Naturally. [NYDN]
  • Oprah and 50 Cent hug it out after bitching about each other for six years. [NYDN]
  • Michelle Williams says that boyfriends need to be more than simply "nice." [Us]
  • Drew Barrymore is back from her honeymoon already and gets straight down to business with some baby clothes shopping. [Us]
  • Justin Theroux, aka that hot guy from Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle who is dating Jennifer Aniston, acknowledges he hit the girlfriend jackpot. [Us]
  • Taylor Armstrong curbing her drinking and generally behaving on set is doing the producers of The Real Housewives no favors. [Radar]
  • Hunter Tylo's face is news. [Radar]
  • Serial tit flasher Kate Moss doesn't heed her own advice to keep your skin hidden. [The Sun]
  • RIP Henry Hill, the guy who Goodfellas was based on. [TMZ]

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Having seen comments from her father in the past, I can't say I'm surprised Rihanna's family is supporting her choices with regard to Chris Brown. But major wtf with her choice of day wear in that next photo.

Katy Perry really needs to not be in a movie about anything ever, much less a movie I totally want to see! Also, wtf Sacha Baron Cohen as lead? Way to take something with tons of potential to be awesome and totally fuck it up Hollywood.