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Rihanna Rocks Slime Green Hair in New MAC Ad

Illustration for article titled Rihanna Rocks Slime Green Hair in New MAC Ad

Rihanna's new ad for MAC Viva Glam is supposed to be shilling lipstick, but who can focus on her mouth when she's got that hair?


Maybe the Poison Ivy look shouldn't be so surprising, considering RiRi's BFF Katy Perry has been dabbling in emerald tresses. Slime green, actually. But with this Rihanna ad, you barely notice the new lipcolor. And it is a new color. MTV reports:

There will be a new Viva Glam lipstick and lip gloss that are also dropping in September and, as always, the proceeds will go to those affected by HIV/AIDS.

You'll be able to buy the new products online on September 8 and in store on September 11, but you may as well keep a tab in your browser dedicated to Rihanna's twitter until then—her MAC products have a tendency to sell out. Fast.


The hue seems to be a shimmery champagne-ish brown, and there's also a shimmery Lipglass, if that's your thing. Do we like?

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Oh man. That is the single ugliest shade of lipstick that has flattered no one ever in the history of drag OR womankind.