Rihanna, Now With Bonus Weird Franken-Head

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The digital detectives at Red Carpet Fashion Awards noticed that this weird-looking Rihanna photo on the cover of trashy U.K. tabloid Look magazine is actually a composite of two different images — Frankenhead! Just like Sienna Miller! — with the colors altered to match Look's pink headlines and horizontal flipping — just like Kate Middleton! — that together give the singer a very unnatural appearance. Why do magazines do this, again? [RCFA]

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Liya Kebede seems to be taking a page from Rihanna's style book with this red hair she's sporting on the cover of Harper's Bazaar Spain. [FGR]

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Heidi Klum Tweeted this photo of herself from when she was 19 and working one of her first modeling gigs. Added the supermodel/T.V. host/self-professed blow-job queen (nope, never gonna live that one down), "This is my original hair color!" [@HeidiKlum]

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We're mesmerized this morning by Cathleen Naundorf's large-format Polaroids of couture in dramatic architectural settings. Her work is compiled in a new coffee-table book, but you can see plenty at her Web site. [WWD, Official Site]

  • A suspect has at last been arrested in the February 20 shooting that injured three striking workers outside a Puma supplier in Cambodia — and it's none other than the governor of the city where the factory is located. At the time, witness reports that the shooter was either an official or a member of law enforcement were denied by the government. Of the three women who were shot, two were hospitalized in critical condition, but all have since been released. Labor rights groups and efforts to strike in Cambodia are often met with official repression. Cambodian garment workers, most of whom are women, are tied to short-term contracts and are often paid as little as $2 a day. [WWD]

    More good news for consumers of fast fashion: the garment industry is reportedly the third-largest polluter of water in China. China exported $212 billion worth of clothing in 2010, or some 34% of the world's total — and the factories that made it discharged 2.5 billion metric tons of toxic, contaminated waste water and sewage. [China Daily]

    Big drama behind the scenes on America's Next Top Model: Tyra Banks fired Noted Fashion Photographer Nigel Barker and both of the jays, Mister Jay Manuel and Miss J. Alexander. There are "major changes planned for cycle 19," according to a "source" close to the show. You don't say! Reportedly, Banks is looking to replace the judges with people with strong Web presence and has already reached out to BryanBoy. That wouldn't be everyone's favorite oversharing fashion blogger's first trip to the reality-T.V. rodeo: he was a guest judge on the Philippines edition of Project Runway in 2009. [P6]

    Closing statements in the $221 million Gucci vs. Guess (and Guess footwear license-holder Marc Fisher) trademark infringement lawsuit were fairly incendiary. Guess's lawyer said that emails between Guess and Fisher discussing such things as buying Gucci products for study and attempts to get the shading on a brown interlocking-G jacquard cloth just right — Gucci, of course, has a similar brown interlocking-G jacquard cloth with shading — prove nothing, and made the ambitious claim that if you looked at the inbox of (Gucci designers) like Tom Ford or Frida Giannini, "we would see the same thing." Gucci said it had uncovered "a perfect storm of willful infringement" and that Guess's "entire business model" was to manufacture and market products "as close to Gucci as you can." [WWD]

    In other, somewhat less sense-making, news of lawsuits, someone who was once engaged to Sophie Ellis-Bextor is suing Max Azria for allegedly reneging on some kind of deal to sell Playboy-branded condoms at Wal-Mart. Jimmy Esebag, who has ties to the Playboy company, wants $220 million because Azria allegedly misrepresented his connection to Wal-Mart and said that it would be no big whoop to get the condoms onto store shelves. More worryingly, Esebag claims that he later learned Azria's relationship with the retailer (which carried a line of Miley Cyrus/Max Azria co-branded clothing in 2009) suffered after it was discovered that some of his goods had high levels of lead. UPDATE: Max Azria's spokesperson emailed to say, "The allegation regarding lead in BCBG clothing sold at Wal-Mart is completely inaccurate." She adds that "Max was victorious in a prior arbitration relating to this matter, and we are confident he will also be victorious in the present lawsuit." [TMZ]

    For his first series of portraits of black women, artist Kehinde Wiley street-cast his models in New York and had Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy costume them. The resulting paintings, he says, were inspired by 18th and 19th Century portraits of society belles. [WWD]

    Betsey Johnson and daughter Lulu are getting a show on the Style Network. [Racked]

    Carine Roitfeld is doing a limited-edition collection with MAC. [WWD]

    Donna Karan tripped on the darkened set of a shoot for her company and broke her knee. "I've broken too many bones," lamented the designer. "I've broken both of my knees, my tibia, my wrist, my finger. I've had so many casts I'm bored! I'm going to redesign them. I've decided." [The Cut]

    Dakota Johnson — who played that girl in The Social Network who sleeps with Justin Timberlake at Stanford but doesn't believe him when he says he founded Napster — is now a face of Uniqlo. The company, which is aggressively expanding in the U.S., recently confirmed it signed a lease on a store in San Francisco and says it has a whole team of people looking for real estate there "constantly." [WWD]

    Zac Posen: "I design for women with bodies, first of all. From being raised, since I was 21, on the road in America with the American women, [I know that] women have bodies. Women have hips and they have all different shapes. So I try to embrace that. I often think fashion tries to hide that or tries not to realize that, and I am totally about women feeling good about their bodies and embracing it." [HuffPo]

    Miranda Kerr says she harbors a secret desire to be a singer. "I have recorded a couple of songs, actually, that no one knows about! You probably won't hear them but I love to sing!" [Vogue UK]

    And now, a moment with plus-size model Candice Huffine. Candice, why aren't more designers casting a variety of runway models?

    "During this past Fashion Week, my husband was like, 'So, do you have anything going on for Fashion Week? Anybody you're going to see? What's going on?' And I was like, 'No, nothing.' After that, I was thinking, That's really sad. You saw Crystal [Renn] and Marquita [Pring] walk for Jean Paul Gaultier a few seasons ago, so I was like, Yes, here we go, and then it didn't really pick up after that. So I don't know what it's going to take. Let it be known, we can walk, trust me."

    [The Cut]

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I really want to like Zac Posen. But he sounds like a fucking idiot in most of the things he says. And I don't like his clothing either.

I get what he's tryingto say here. But man, what woman doesn't have a body? A woman who doesn't have a body is...what? A spirit. And I don't think any designer designs for spirits.

Women who are biologically female ALL have breasts and hips and asses. But for some of us, our breasts are bigger and all that. But we're all women. And I do not think his clothig is dsigned for women who have big breasts and shit. It is desgned for tall and thin women who have small breasts and small hips. They have real bodies though. As do women who have big breasts and large hips.