Rihanna is featured on the cover of the July issue of Harpers Bazaar Arabia which proudly heralds "The New Modesty: Cover Up in Style."

Now, let's all have a hearty chuckle at the cognitive dissonance you're probably experiencing right now. We are all well-versed in Rihanna's affinity for not wearing clothing, as it is often and wide-ranging. So much so that we have been deprived the joy of her Instagram account.

Rihanna, a certifiable fashion icon at this point, does have a diverse fashion sense and rocks looks that are both very covered up and very not. So no, her wardrobe isn't exclusively filled with fabulous see-through crystal dresses, but still. It's funny.

I applaud Harpers Bazaar Arabia for trying to usher in this era of modesty for Rihanna because both she and the clothing look gorgeous.


This is very Whitney Houston in the Bodyguard, no?


I also hope that this wave of publicity means she's preparing to release a new single soon. Because the summer jams of 2014 are seriously lacking and I'm feeling like only Modest Rihanna can save us.