In the best news of the day, rumors abound that Rihanna is in talks to appear in the next James Bond film. Whether she'll be making a cameo or taking on the role of an official Bond girl, we don't know, but I am SO DOWN FOR THIS however it turns out.

Rihanna hasn't exactly proven herself as a thespian, but let's be real, the requirements for this role ain't that deep. You don't need particularly strong acting chops to be a Bond girl—or even James Bond for that matter.

The majority of the role involves looking stunning at all times, which Rihanna does naturally in her everyday life, and rocking a bikini, which, again, Rihanna's got down pat.


I cannot think of a single reason why Rihanna shouldn't be the next Bond girl other than that she might be even better as the next Bond villain. Can you imagine Rihanna as a Bond villain just looking fierce and rude the whole time?

This also seems like an excellent opportunity to insert some color into that lily-white franchise. I say book it. Make it happen.


This is a woman who stood next to Anna Wintour in a totally sheer gown looking like a bejeweled tall drink of water. I think she can handle whatever James Bond throws her way.

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