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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

Rihanna Goes Grey After Brits Throw Potato Chips At Her During Show

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The time has come, the walrus said, for Rihanna to put some grey streaks in her hair and call it #brrr. So she did. It looks cute, I think! Then she riffed on #brr for awhile:

New color ice grey ish, call it #Brrr

Grey is the new black! Blondies, it's quiet for y'all! #brrr

And, unsurprisingly, her tardiness at concerts continues unabated — when she was an hour late to go onstage in Manchester, the annoyed crowd threw chips at her. She yelped: "Were you throwing shit at me? That's an epic fail. I swear to God, cut that shit out. Really, chips? Chips though? That's that important?"

CRISPS, Ri-Ri. It's "crisps." And don't forget to pronounce colour with a u. As in: "I have just dyed my hair a grey COLOUR that I like to call #brr. Cheerio, motherfuckers." [The Sun, L.A. Times; lede image via Instagram]


Pharrell insists to Rolling Stone that the nude version of the "Blurred Lines" music video wasn't meant to objectify women, and winds up, um, objectifying women? (Let's not forget this is the man who invented Qream, the jizz-like "woman's liqueur.")

“We were trying to make a moving version of a page in Vogue, where you might see a woman’s breast. The body isn’t meant to be objectified. I know the video has caused some controversy, but my admiration for women supersedes anything I could ever say. We all come through the conduit of the bodies of beautiful women."


All said and done, that song is so catchy. Even Rahm Emanuel thinks so. [Page Six]


Those Purina commercials where Eva Longoria does a saucy lil' foxtrot in bare feet to that "Damn Yankees" song while a cat stares blankly at her must have worked on George Clooney, because the dude started pursuing her while he was still dating Stacy Keibler, claims a source that is probably that cat.


"George began pursuing Eva. He told her that he was still with Stacy, but had plans to break up with her and was interested in being with Eva." Unfortunately for him, she is now with somebody else. [Us Weekly]


Fans of Paula Deen are sending the companies who've dropped their sponsorship empty butter wrappers with messages on them. On "Butter for Paula's" website, they state their motto: "A company without Paula is like a wrapper without butter."

This is the brainchild of one John Schmitt, a hotel night auditor in Indianapolis, who realized "'You know, this is actually perfect. The butter itself is Paula, and these wrappers are void of butter just like these companies are void of Paula. My God. That's it, that's our slogan.'"


Drop the "for Paula." Just "Butter." [CNN]


Farrah Abraham was asked about her thoughts on the Trayvon Martin case. This is what she said.

“I feel like I’ve met her or something. That sounds so familiar. I don’t know what she is, I can’t picture the person with the name right now.”


Mic drop. [Gossip Cop]

  • Rae Dawn Chong, Oprah Winfrey's former co-star in The Color Purple, let loose a stream of really hateful anti-Oprah sentiments on the radio that I'd rather not reprint. [TMZ]
  • FLOTUS and the DOTUSes went to see a Beyoncért in Chicago. [Hello Magazine]
  • Kris Jenner defended Kanye West for his outburst at paparazzi at LAX last week. [TMZ]
  • The dude at Da Club who supposedly got spat on by Justin Bieber has lawyered up and filed papers. [TMZ]
  • Julianne Hough tongue-kissed a human male. [TMZ]
  • Emmy-nominated Kerry Washington: "I'm the luckiest broad in showbiz." What a classy lady. [People]
  • Brandi Glanville is getting a Bravo spinoff. [Radar]
  • In "that woman who got Rob Kardashian's name tattooed on her ass" news, that woman who got Ron Kardashian's name tattooed on her ass says that it's "ratchet." [People]
  • Enrique Iglesias is trying to make this the Summer of Enrique Iglesias. (You know what though? This was my secret 2010 summer jam, so fuck it. Go with God, Enrique.) [Page Six]
  • Angus T. Jones (i.e. Half-Man) was officially cut from the credits of Two and A Half Men. [E!]
  • The founder of clothing line A.P.C. on collaborating with Kanye West: "When you deal with a guy who wants to redesign just about anything so it could fit [into the] 'kingdom of dopeness,' it takes some time to just... say, ‘OK, agreed, but let’s get started on something limited, and we’ll see.'" [Page Six]
  • Emma Roberts walked around with bruises from her domestic dispute. [NYDN]
  • John Stamos and Aunt Becky reunited in New York and took an Instagram pic before rubbing Chobani all over each other sensually. #brrr [Page Six]
  • If you were concerned about Kate Middleton having to cook too much when the baby is born, rest easy that her Mrs. Patmore will be doing most of the dirty work. [Us Weekly]
  • Goldie Hawn's son Oliver Hudson had a baby. He's as hot as you'd expect. (Oliver, not the baby.) [Us Weekly]
  • "Haters keep me mad motivated," says Miley Cyrus. When asked if she felt like a woman, she replied jokingly: “I feel like a straight dude. You don’t even know what I’m rocking under this skirt. I feel like a straight man. I’m not even a dude, I’m a man.” Is that a straight dude or like she feels like a "straight-up" dude? Genuinely wondering. [Gossip Cop]