Righteously Insulted At Republican Slurs And Unrighteous Rage

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  • Remember Oliver Clark? He asked a question at Tuesday's debate on the economy and John McCain told him he "probably" hadn't ever heard of Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Well, it turns out he has a B.A. in PoliSci, a Masters in Legal Studies, and is in the midst of a Masters in Public Administration. So, he'd heard of them both, and he thought McCain's remark was condescending — and he's right. [MSNBC]
  • Oh, speaking of telegraphing contempt and racism, former Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating called Obama "a guy of the street" and suggested he should admit to the drug use he's already admitted to. Frank ought to admit that he's just trying out something BET founder Bob Johnson tried on Hillary's behalf in January in South Carolina that failed so spectacularly. [Huffington Post, NY Times]
  • Other things John McCain is stealing from Hillary? His mortgage buyout plan. He thinks that'll make us fickle ladies vote for him. [UPI]
  • If you hadn't yet been asked to swallow enough bullshit from the McCain campaign, Sarah Palin told conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham today that she and John McCain answer questions every single day and Obama never answers anything. The Bible Spice refused to be interviewed by Ingraham again. [Think Progress, PoliticoThere's a lot of scary, scary anger out there among Republicans, mostly because they think they're losing. Suck it up, assholes. [Politico, Washington Post]
  • In that, though, they're just like their scary, anger-addled idol. [The New Republic]
  • The fact that Obama has enough money to buy a 30 minute advertising spot on CBS (and possibly NBC and Fox) is unlikely to help McCain's temper or the mood of his supporters. [Politico]
  • But it does distract them all from how the Dow is now down below 9,000 for the first time since 2003 and the Bush Administration has decided to give up on the remainder of their free market principles and nationalize more of our financial system. [Washington Post, NY Times]



I just hope Mr. Clark is no longer an "undecided voter." Who the fuck is still undecided 20-some-odd days out anyway?