Righteous Oprah Fans Angered By OWN Cable Fees

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Oprah's website has been flooded complaints from fans about needing a basic, or in some areas premium, cable subscription for the OWN Network. They'll buy Oprah's magazine, Book Club selections, and Favorite Things but paying to watch her is outrageous.


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Kitty Conner

OWN destroyed my New Year's Day.

Seriously. (Granted, I was as hungover as a frat boy on Sunday morning, and not getting off my couch anyway, but still.)

Instead of whiling away my recovery hours on other useless crap television that I know and love, that goddamn Oprah sucked me in. For HOURS. I don't even watch her show, ever. I consciously avoid Book Club picks. Intentionally do not purchase Favorite Things.

And yet...hours. The Behind the Scenes show, the super-nice Hoarder-Helper, the mesmerizing O herself.

I DVR'd something to watch later, so help me god.

Save me. Help me. I cannot let 2011 be my year of Oprah. That day must not be a portent of things to come.