Right-Wing Media Calls Single Women Voters "Stupid"; We Call Them "Slutty"

The Situation Room on CNN reported yesterday that it's becoming apparent that single women voters might be powerful enough to make Hillary Clinton our next president, and out of fear of ovaries in the Oval Office, certain people in the media have tried to downplay the importance of the demographic. And what do you know, they mentioned Jezebel as one of the culprits! Reporter Carol Costello made the totally valid argument about how people like Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson (assuming you even consider those two human, instead of, you know, Satan's spawn and a My Buddy doll) are saying that women voters are "stupid" as a way to discourage them from even showing up at the polls. We were brought into the convo when we covered the Obama girl video and said that he has "The Elusive Slutty Anxious Female Demographic" behind him. First of all, like, duh, it's a joke...kinda. But secondly, we don't really sling around the term "slutty" as an insult around these parts. It's more of a qualifier. Oh, and also, some of us actually are slutty (and proud of it!), but none of us, regardless of who we're gonna vote for, are stupid.


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@SinisterRouge: I know you're a Hillary fan, but she's rocking a mullet these days too, so lets go easy on the white trash masses... If she can get a $400 mullet, why can't the rest of the country get one for $4?