Rielle Hunter, John Edward's former mistress and, allegedly, the mother of his most-recent child, is pissed at John for allowing his wife to say mean things about her, according to the National Enquirer.

Hunter, who originally claimed that former Edwards staffer Andrew Young fathered her child but didn't put his name on the birth certificate, is reportedly about to demand a DNA test from Edwards.

John Edwards' furious mistress is demanding he submit to a DNA test, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively!

Rielle Hunter - the longtime secret lover of the disgraced 2-time presidential candidate - wants definitive proof that Edwards is the father of her 14-month-old love child Frances and is working with a lawyer to take legal action, say sources.


And why, you might ask, is she furious? Her friends explain!

"But now she can see there's never going to be a future with John - and she feels he's lied about his promise to keep Elizabeth from trashing her in the book," the insider divulged.

"Rielle is so infuriated by his and Elizabeth's actions that she's throwing her loyalty to him out of the window!"

Rielle — though friends, again — threatened to do something in February if the wife of the man whose mistress she was said anything mean about her.

But, as one insider exclaimed yesterday: "What is Elizabeth thinking?" Certainly the minute she does any publicity for "Resilience," the first questions will be about Rielle Hunter and her baby daughter. And don't think for a minute that Hunter is going to allow herself to be portrayed as a groupie, sycophant or gold digger.


Apparently, Rielle preferred that her lover's wife portray her as his soulmate. But Elizabeth Edwards for the former route in the sole passage that she talks about Rielle.

In months of talking with him, I have come to understand his liaison with this woman, if I have, not as a substitute for me. Those with any fame or notoriety or power attract people for good reasons and bad. Some want to contribute and some want to take something away for themselves. They flatter and entreat, and it is engaging, even addictive. They look at our lives, which from the outside in particular are pictures of joy and plenty, and they want it for themselves.


And, thus, apparently, is the battle engaged. Rielle will sue for paternity — a paternity, in fact, that Elizabeth Edwards neither confirmed not denied to Oprah this week. The whole case will get dragged through the mud. Rielle Hunter will look like more of a gold-digger, John Edwards like more of a heel, Elizabeth Edwards like more of a cuckold and Rielle's child — well, who cares about the kid, really, when you can get back at your ex and his wife for her publicly saying she doesn't like you and earn some cash in the process?

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