Riding The Bus With My Sister: Rosie O'Donnell Is Frightening

Remember when Rosie O'Donnell channeled Animal from the Muppets to play a retarded person in Riding the Bus with My Sister? Her interpretation of mental disability was actually so retarded that it was offensive to the mentally disabled, and just plain ol' scary for the rest of us. The television afficionados at TV Carnage created this little clip of Rosie's performance freaking out John Ritter (whose own acting antics actually freaked out a good number of people as well) for its DVD release A Sore for Sighted Eyes. There aren't really many other words to describe this. Just watch it.

P.S. When he wasn't being all fake/real gay on Three's Company, John Ritter was totally bangable back in the day.

A Sore for Sighted Eyes [TV Carnage]

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