Riding In Cars With Girls

There are lots of fallacies about women and driving. That they can't parallel park. That they can't handle manual transmissions (take it from us: they can, they do, and they like it). That they turn maps around when looking at maps for directions. (Okay, well, maybe sometimes). Oh, and that they don't really like cars at all. Anyway, researchers in the UK are reporting that women tend to do things like, you know, give their cars names and drive with both hands on the wheel because, unlike men, women "feel more comfortable expressing their feelings directly" and see their cars as "separate entities".

The study noted where one-handed drivers preferred to put their spare hand. It found that 46 per cent of men rested it on the gear stick. Just 31 per cent of women did this.


Translation: Women aren't as obsessed with phalluses. Wait, there's more:

But although only 27 per cent of men put their spare hand in their lap, 39 per cent of women did.


Yeah, you know why? Unlike men, women can actually diddle and drive at the same time. It's called multi-tasking!

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