There were some lovely frocks and some ridiculous duds at London's Odeon Leicester Square Watchmen premiere, but let's face it: the evening belonged to the gents. Billy, Patrick, Matthew, Jeffrey... need we say more?

The Good:

Patrick Wilson is such a class act: sometimes there's nothing better than a simple, classic suit.

Liking the red shoe with Jodie Whittaker's demure lbd.


Exhibit 2: Jeffrey Dean Morgan. All black can look a little Regis or Cash or Mystery, but somehow Denny's making it work.

Loving Carla Gugino 's pretty ecru.


Matthew Goode's dapper Brideshead special is both absurd and absurdly awesome.

I, too, became disillusioned with Crudup back in the day. But it must be said: the man is handsome.

The Bad:


You can't fault September for can fault just about everything else.


I know that this is Jonathan and Jane's whole thing, but...

The Ugly:

The mark of a true "Ugly," methinks, is that there is nothing you could do to redeem it. I'd say Malin Akerman's getup qualifies!


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