Rick Santorum's Calls 3-Year-Old Daughter's Recovery 'Miraculous'

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Former Senator Rick Santorum cancelled his Presidential campaign stops in Florida yesterday after his 3-year-old daughter Bella was hospitalized with pneumonia. Now, he's saying that he may return to the campaign trail after Bella's prognosis suddenly started looking more positive. She may even be able to check out of the hospital within the next few days.

Bella Santorum was born with Trisomy 18, a genetic condition that causes physical deformaties in the brain, heart, and vital organs. Children born with the condition rarely live for more than a year, and those who do rarely live beyond their teens.


Santorum told reporters that his daughter fell ill on Friday night, and on Saturday went to the hospital. The Presidential candidate stayed at the hospital with his daughter for the rest of the weekend. Now, doctors are saying that even though the little girl needs a mask to breathe, she could be out of the hospital within "2 to 4 days."

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I hope that little Bella recovers and lives an unusually long, healthy-ish life for someone with this condition, but I still think that her father is an ass. I see no problem with holding these two thoughts simultaneously.