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Rich Lady's Infamous Three-Story 'Female Man Cave' Closet Burglarized

A Houston woman's three-story, 3000-square-foot closet—filled with designer clothes, shoes, handbags and jewels as well as a champagne bar—was so well publicized on national and local news that a burglar knew exactly what to steal in a recent million-dollar heist.


Theresa Roemer and her husband had gone out to dinner without setting the alarm or locking the door to her closet. A thief used a glass cutter to enter the home through a downstairs bathroom and headed straight to Roemer's closet, which she has called her "female man cave."


The burglar took off with three Birkin travel bags, each worth $60,000, but not before filling them with $1 million in jewels. The thief knew exactly where to go and what to steal, probably because Roemer's closet has recently been covered in the media, having been featured on Good Morning America, in Cosmo, on Neiman Marcus's blog and all over the local Houston news. She believes that is how the burglar knew how to target her.

"No one deserves this. I don't care if you're wealthy. I don't care if you're poor. Your personal belongings are your personal belongings," she said.

The police do not have any suspects yet.

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