And us penurious ones dig it, too — so much so that, whether we were aware of it or not, most of us have found ourselves inexorably drawn to the squat plastic tubs with their vaguely Hellenic lettering and high prices-tags. Because, see, it's yogurt, so it's for women. But it's also Greek — and like Zorba it's somehow lusty, filling, sophisticated. How can you resist?

Fage, Chobani, Yoplait — whatever your poison, you know the drill. Thicker and richer than the regular white stuff, Greek yogurt is also (as the packages don't let us forget) higher in protein. Plus, the filling's on the side, so it feels more grown-up! Because the filling part is kind of hard to get the spoon into towards the bottom, it takes work, so it's rewarding. And all this is paying off in spades. Says Business Insider,

Rich women looking for low-fat, high protein food have helped push the Greek yogurt segment's growth over 100% according to a new report by UBS. It's one of the hottest-growing food categories of all time. In fact its been the main driver of yogurt sales and represents 19% of the category now.


And don't worry — as the above-ad shows, it's still firmly in the pink ghetto. Now with scantily-clad "Grecian" narcissist, for our ostensible viewing pleasure.

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