Dawn Jackson Blatner has a really excellent publicist. Her new book, The Flexitarian Diet, is featured in stories in both USA Today and Newsweek, and it advocates eating a lot of vegetables, as if that were something revolutionary and/or interesting. At least Blatner branded this "Flexitarian" diet fairly well. She describes it as "closet meat eating" or being an "almost vegetarian," and in her book she outlines three levels of Flexitarianism, the most stringent of which involves eating meat twice a week.In typically histrionic fashion, PETA director of research Kathy Guillermo tells Newsweek: "Given the environmental, cruelty and health impact of a meat-based diet, going vegan is best, going vegetarian is good, and being a flexitarian is like smoking two packs of cigarettes instead of ten, beating one pig down the slaughter ramp instead of two, and pouring a pint of gasoline down a drain instead of pouring down a gallon." I really want to go vegetarian for the environment after that sort of sweet talk! Of course, made in a less obnoxious fashion, Guillermo's has a semi-valid point. The environmental impact of meat can be severe. Mollie Katzen, the author of the amazing Moosewood Cookbook tells Newsweek, "I'm very happy that people can make the definition of 'vegetarian' be a positive statement about vegetables rather than a negative statement about meat—'I don't eat this, and I don't eat that.' I'm sick and tired of the no's. [However] the environmental impact of meat and livestock raising is severe. I'm not against eating meat or salmon, but I believe people should be responsible and limited in their consumption." To sum up: some people eat more meat than others. "Think how many Americans regularly eat peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches, pasta, bean burritos and cheese pizzas as their main courses," Dawn Blatner tells Newsweek. Really revelatory, Dawn. Our minds are officially blown! Flexitarians Can Have Their Meat And Not Eat It, To [USA Today] Part-Time Vegetarians [Newsweek] Earlier: The Case For Being A "Recession Vegetarian"