Revolting Fish Pedicures Under Investigation

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Hygiene concerns about "fish pedicures" — in which schools of carp nibble the dead skin off your tootsies — are kind of the least of our reservations about them. But nevertheless, they're cropping up again.


Although fish pedis have long since come under fire stateside — and, indeed, been outlawed in 14 states — they're apparently all the rage in the UK. And only now are the inevitable concerns starting to fly. Investigators from the HPA are going to begin examining the risk for infection. And even if they don't find anything conclusive, we hope this quote from the Daily Mail will put people off:

Customer Max Langton, from North London, said: ‘I had a pedicure from one of the new high street chains. I was put off when a man sitting opposite me said he had something wrong with his foot and hoped the fish were enjoying it.'
He added: ‘We were asked if we had any fungal infections, but no one checked.'


Fears Toothless Miniature Carp Used For Trendy Pedicures May Spread Disease [Daily Mail]

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I would so try this if it were available in my podunk town. My PedEgg creeps me out and leaves me raw and dusty. This sounds awesome.

Seems, though, that hygiene issues are the salon's problem, just like nasty-ass unsanitized nail clippers. Health codes can only help if the individual practitioners follow them.

Trust your salon? Feed your skin to fish!